3 Brothers - an episodic drama - Casting Call

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Event Details

Call Details

Audition location: Electronic Submission (Resume, Head (Front/Side), Head to Waist, Links to Clips) to madvistaproductions@gmail.com

Shooting location: Greater Cleveland, Ohio

Audition date: Open

Shooting dates: March 25 – April 2, 2022

Compensation Details: Modest Compensation (Episodes 1 & 2). Not to exceed Ultra Low SAG equivalent (New Media) + deferrals for Lead and Supporting roles.

COVID: Until further notice, all cast/crew must be fully vaccinated or test negative on a PCR COVID test (72 hour window) or a negative antigen test (24 hour window) prior to scheduled shoot dates. Rapid tests will be daily administered during principal photography.

Production title: Three Brothers

Production type: Episodic Drama

Logline: Residents battle the internal and external existential threats to themselves, their families, and their neighborhood. Vigilantes, drugs, hope, and even farming…thread through the dynamic lives of the men, women, and children who fight to survive and thrive.

Lead and Supporting Roles and :

Jasmine Jones (BIPOC female, 28-32) is a sophisticated urban and machiavellian urban high-flyer with a MMA-fixation.

Jacque Williams (BIPOC male, 28-32) a streetwise neighborhood entrepreneur, he can swing a hammer in a fixer-upper or cruise the Mediterranean.

Tony Graham (BIPOC male, 25-34) a progressive urban farmer, Tony gets along with everybody, has an easy laugh, but can scrap with the best of them. He also has a nocturnal secret.

Shana Blackwell (BIPOC female, 25-34) will pull a gun on you in a split second. She accepts no handouts and gives no excuses. She can deliver in bed and in the streets.

Maina Dupree (BIPOC female, 21-28) the girl-next-door who understands the power of a panther.

Janice Samuels (BIPOC female, 21-34) Impulsive and fluid, she is forgiving…until she isn’t.

Joe King (BIPOC male, 28-44) hard-working, blue collar. Joe is reliable to a fault and takes his responsibilities as serious as his life.

Mary Rice (BIPOC female, 30-35) supportive and mature, her tremendous success is camouflaged by a quiet and unassuming demeanor.

Ken “Shale” Hearns (BIPOC male, 30-40), a mechanical MacGyver, nothing will stop him from becoming the best.

Marquita Moore (BIPOC female, 12-16), hard-nosed and streetwise she has a taste for unrestricted revenge.

Tess Masters (BIPOC female, 18-28), a skillful and sexy car thief, she accepts no disrespect…the human equivalent of a honey badger.

Mark Colorado (BIPOC male, 28-40), a salesman bar none, he can sell anything to anyone. His dreams are unrestricted as is his thirst for the ladies.

Bit & Extra roles are available.


January 1 (Saturday) 4:39 pm - February 20 (Sunday) 4:39 pm


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