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Welcome to 2023 Kinodrome – our 6th year! This festival believes in: giving a chance to – EVERYONE. We do NOT reject properly submitted and fully completed artwork. Unlike most corporate festivals, we DO NOT send you that ugly “We are sorry…” rejection letter after you pay and submit your content. If you follow our submission rules – you WILL become an “official selection” for public show. If (for any reason) we must reject or cancel your submission – we will offer a FULL REFUND to you. The submissions open January 1st of each year (festival is in late September). Please, read everything and join us (it’s a long text below, but we disclose everything for your confidence).

KinoDrome is:
— SHORT FILM and VIDEO festival;
— PHOTOGRAPHY contest;
— one of best reviewed “micro-indie niche festivals”;
— based out of Cleveland, Ohio, USA (ground + online);
— listed in global database (Amazon’s IMDb);

KinoDrome accepts motion picture content (all under 11 minutes):
— EXPERIMENTAL FILMS or VIDEOS (various techniques);
— ANIMATED CONTENT (various techniques and forms);
— MUSIC VIDEOS (for original songs or live concerts);
— FOUND FOOTAGE CONTENT (re-edited VHS or old stock);
— PSAs, ADS and PROMO-CONTENT (up to 60 seconds);

KinoDrome has SCRIPT and PHOTOGRAPHY contest, too:
— SCREENPLAYS (any length, for several awards);


Writers – at our festival your NAME and your script’s TITLE will be presented on screen as well (public show recognition)! All properly formatted scripts will be ACCEPTED to compete for awards. We don’t provide script coverage or script feedback. The goal of our contest is to give you a chance to COMPETE and possibly win an award (about 30% of submitted scripts gets nominated for an award). Judged by produced writers and producers.


KinoDrome accepts WIDE VARIETY of cinematic work under 11 minutes. Why “11”? The standard length of an old 35mm film reel is 1,000 feet, which runs approximately 11 minutes (cinema science). Since we accept 95% of films submitted (and show it publicly) we cannot accept longer films – and 11:00 is the maximum length accepted. The works can come from independent artists, professionals, hobbyists, students, and amateur filmmakers – anywhere in the world. We will accept ALL fully completed films for the show, but considering our mission – the Jury wants to AWARD the following:

— an ORIGINAL narrative or experimental concept,
— thought PROVOKING themes,
— slightly UNUSUAL subjects and characters,
— an OPENMINDED way of artistic expression;


For our photo-contest, we believe that one image can tell the story, too. Or make you think about life. If you’re a still photographer or photojournalist – look at your portfolio and find something cool. Cinematographers are welcome as well – submit one frame from your reel (from a movie you photographed).

ATTENTION ALL – Kinodrome is about…

…something fresh, strange, scary, provocative, shocking, weird, hilarious, or maybe politically “incorrect” and nonconformist. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines “Nonconformist” as: “a person who does not conform to a generally accepted pattern of thought or action”. Be slightly DIFFERENT, provoke, make people talk about your content – because it’s unlike anything else. KinoDrome doesn’t care how much money you spent on your film or video (your budget size). Your film could be shot on old film stock, or with an old camera, on your mobile phone, or an expensive high-end 8k camera. In each case, pay attention to some basic audio-visual techniques and overall quality. Regardless of “pixel quality” show us your:

— ORIGINALITY (fresh ideas, unique visuals, creative concepts);
— ARTISTIC EXPERIMENTATION (slightly different mise-en-scene);

KinoDrome is less about “mainstream and popular” content, and more about “arthouse and edgy” content. This applies to all categories.



KInodrome was born in 2018, as an independent non-corporate small festival that promotes up-and-coming film artists. You might say “just another little festival…”. But there’s a reason for “another little festival”. The equipment is available and affordable to all, and a lot of people want to express themselves. Therefore, there’s need for more public shows and more contests. At Kinodrome, we have first-time creators and many experienced artists showing their work. Check out the following award winning content creators on Google or IMDb: Carol Conley, Ayesha Abouelazm, Eileen O’Meara, Logan Fry, Al Mertens, Barsan Rostami, Saman Hosseinpuor, Stefan M. Mladenovic, Martin Mulcahy, John Maslowski, Jason Klingensmith, Bianca Cassinelli, Juliette Blanche, Shaun Rylee, Mike Genz… (see our website for other names).


Being accepted to screen at the film festival – you’re publicly showing your art (just like showing a painting at the museum or an art gallery) and adding something very important to your career. The PUBLIC SHOW is the best way to present your visual art! This is super important for first-time filmmakers and film students. You’re building your reputation and your content portfolio.


— about 30-40% of all selected titles will get an Award (or Nomination);
— half of winning titles in the past came from female artists;
— age range of award winning artists: from 17 to 77 (or higher);
— besides global contests, we also have State of Ohio contests;
— many films or videos were created on smartphones;
— 20% of award winners are talented FIRST time filmmakers or writers!

VENUE PROJECTION FACTS (for tech-nerds and geeks)

— projection screen size is 9×5 feet (google-convert to metric)
— projected with DLP at 1080p res (hard-drive to Apple QT Player)
— sound output via wired external speaker station
— conference style presentation inside HOTEL BALLROOM
— NOT a commercial movie theater


– small dedicated and super-friendly volunteer staff;
– max. 100 attendees (mostly artists and art enthusiasts);
– small comfortable venue (hotel auditorium or ballroom);
– enough room and time to network with attendees;
– enough space/time to take pics in front of step-n-repeat banner;
– GIFTS with goodies for every artist who attends (T-shirt, too);


– the programs are shown online the same day;
– award ceremony recorded for YouTube (shown 2-3 days later);
– we can ship awards to winners (not free, details will be emailed);


– shiny rich “executives”, invited to praise THEMSELVES;
– annoying “popcorn crowd” who DON’T understand your art;
– posers in suits, pretending to be “important biz people”;
– “agents” who purchase films/scripts (no such thing);


– click on our website, link is under “contacts”;
– read reviews written by past participants on FilmFreeway;
– search KinoDrome on Facebook;
– search KinoDrome Festival on YouTube (clips from the festival);
– simply google “KinoDrome Festival” and you’ll find the links;


It’s our YouTube: interviews w/filmmakers, coverage of award presentation, and more. If you attend, you can be interviewed, be on the show, and earn an IMDb credit for participating. We also have “video greeting” option (you can send 1-minute promotional video to talk about your art – shown at the festival and web as well).


Once you become an Official Selection, you can always expect additional help from us. The festival director Bruno Tatalovic (film producer himself) is also an IMDb “tenured contributor” and he assists beginner film artists with navigating and updating their IMDb page, including: film title listings for first-timers, name listings, corrections, etc. All FREE! Just email us with a subject “IMDb” (more info about IMDb below, under “Awards”).


• Eadweard Muybridge, 1830-1904, an English photographer important for his pioneering work in photographic studies of motion, and early work in motion-picture projection. His famous art-piece (and first motion picture ever made) “Horse in Motion” (1878) serves as our festival’s logo.
• George K. Spoor, 1872-1953, an American film producer known for his early and successful movie exhibition service, ultimately named Kinodrome, in Chicago in 1897 – inspired our festival’s name.


KInoDrome is NOT a corporate for-profit festival where you pay high fees and don’t get accepted, because “special guests from the biz” and their expensive films take all the spots. No. This little festival is a labor-of-love, created by an ordinary film enthusiast and educator – for the sole purpose of helping less established artists. That’s it. We ARE here for YOU. Submit with confidence, get accepted, and have a SHOW!


september 23 (Saturday) - 24 (Sunday)


Crowne Plaza Cleveland Airport, an IHG Hotel

7230 Engle Road

Crowne Plaza Cleveland Airport, an IHG Hotel7230 Engle Road