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The theme of the film festival centers around the definition of race and our perceptions of race. The word “race” is broadly defined as distinct societal groupings based on shared physical or social attributes. The organizing committee kindly asks that all submissions consider the definition of race as purely a social construct for the manifestation of the concept of identity. The organizing committee especially welcomes submissions with a perspective beyond the ideational constructs designed by socially dominant groups, i.e. extending beyond topics focused on black – white race relations.

The film festival is held as part of Rethinking Race, a forum held at The University of Akron, dedicated to discussing and examining, in-depth, race and race-related issues.


august 25 (Thursday) - 27 (Saturday)


Rethinking Race at the University of Akron

A virtual forum in which race and race-related issues can be discussed, examined, and hopefully, better understood through conversations, film, and speakers. Rethinking Race hopes to engage the public with important topics such as diversity in the workplace and awareness of issues and culture.
302 East Buchtel Avenue Akron, Ohio 44325

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